Canary Island Resident Discount

At SBH Hotels & Resorts We are committed to our land and its people.
So, we offer an additional discount on our rates for people who are residents of our islands.

How can I receive this discount?

Once you have chosen the hotel where you wish to stay, you just have to book via our website.

1. Choose the hotel and the dates of your stay
2. Choose your rate and desired board options.
3. Enter the number of people who will be staying with you who will receive the discount.
4. Tick the "Book" option so the discount is applied.
5. Enter the personal and payment data requested.

Who may receive this discount?

Anyone who resides in the Canary Islands. You must provide proof of residency (a valid national identity card with your address or a Residency Certificate) upon arrival at reception.

If you do not prove your residency status upon arrival or the residency status of anyone benefitting from the discount, the hotel will add the discount applied to the booking fee.

Thank you for trusting in us.